Town Compass DataViewer for Smartphone

Convenient & powerful data reader with simplified navigation & enriched content display options.
Town Compass DataViewer for Smartphone
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Town Compass® DataViewer SoftwareCopyright ©1999-2005Patent 6,757,673Patent PendingNote: "Smartphone" refers to the Microsoft® Windows Mobile? 2002/2003 Smartphones.DataViewer is as convenient as a book and as powerful as a computer. Navigation is simpl

Town Compass DataViewer for Smartphone by: Mobifusion Inc., last updated: 13/12/2005

Requirements: Requires 2007 KB Memory

About Town Compass DataViewer for Smartphone

Town Compass® DataViewer Software
Copyright ©1999-2005
Patent 6,757,673
Patent Pending
Note: "Smartphone" refers to the Microsoft® Windows Mobile? 2002/2003 Smartphones.DataViewer is as convenient as a book and as powerful as a computer. Navigation is simplified by a table of contents, an index, and keyword search. Three-tier hierarchical Database support and index cross-referencing delivers an unparalleled methodology for accessing Database information.

DataViewer v1.0 includes the advanced features of Graphic Support for enriched content presentation; Font Setting Options; Storage Card Compatibility; "Tap & Dial" for auto-dialing; Email & URL Hotlinks; "Footnote Lookup" for bibliographical, glossary, and definition information; Database Search support; and Infrared Beaming of the databases.

Key Features:

Organization & Navigation
There are three easy ways to find stored information with the DataViewer: 3-Tier Hierarchy, Fingerpoint® Alphabetical Index, and Keyword Search.

The DataViewer Hierarchy is based on creating categorized lists organized by Subject, Category and SubCategory. 'Associated' lists are located next to one another, so browsing lists becomes intuitive. Visual Guide

The Fingerpoint® Alphabetical Index is a roster of all lists in the Database. When a list is selected from the Index, you are returned to its place in the Hierarchy, which also allows you to see other 'associated' lists. Visual Guide

You can search Databases using the Search feature. Enter a keyword to search every record in your loaded Database. Visual Guide

The DataViewer also allows you to store multiple Databases on your Smartphone, and switch between them without leaving the program. Visual Guide

"Font Setting Options" allows you to select the text you are most comfortable reading. Change Details Page text from our Town Compass® custom font to other system default fonts. You can also make text a larger size for easier reading, or smaller size for compacted viewing! DataViewer takes advantage of Microsoft's® ClearType® font technology, which gives users a much more pleasant reading experience. Visual Guide

Not only do you see information in list form, but each individual record is displayed on an entire screen to minimize scrolling. Visual Guide

Each Database also comes with a colorful Cover Page. Visual Guide

Interactive Features:

"Footnote Lookup" inserts links to footnotes within text. Click on a footnote and a pop-up window appears explaining the footnote. No need to search a glossary or bibliography list -- clicking on the footnote lets you keep your place in the text field window! Visual Guide

"Tap & Dial" allows 1-click dialing for Smartphones. All Databases with phone numbers, such as our City Directories and Business Books of Lists, are now mobile communications hubs. Visual Guide

"Infrared Beaming" enables information sharing through your Smartphone's IR (infrared) port to other Smartphones. Beam non-commercial Databases to your friends and acquaintances. Visual Guide

Email & URL Hyperlinks are hot, so email- & Internet-enabled devices can take advantage of easier communication and information retrieval. Visual Guide

Storage Card Compatibility:

Storage Cards
DataViewer may be run off of Smartphone storage devices*. All Databases work normally even if loaded on a storage card.
*Note: In order for DataViewer to read Databases from storage cards, the Databases must be placed in any one of the following directories on the storage card:
  • Root of card
  • \Town Compass\*
  • \Programs\Town Compass\
  • \Palm\Launcher\
  • \Palm\Programs\Town Compass\
*DataViewer will search the \Town Compass\ directory and all subdirectories within it.

Town Compass DataViewer for Smartphone, compatible Devices

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