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Palringo by: Palringo Ltd, last updated: 08/10/2007

Requirements: Pocket pc smartphone 2003 onwards

About Palringo

Palringo is a chat, instant messaging, voice and photo sharing application. This allows it to save all of your conversation history, photos and voice messages for you to access anywhere. In addition to the standard practise of having contacts who maintain lists of friends and send instant messages to each other, Palringo supports IRC-like chat rooms known as "Groups" in which users can share photos, meet-and-greet new friends and converse about a shared interest. It's easy to create and join groups, and the groups you've joined stay in your groups list so you can remember and access them anywhere from your mobile phone, desktop PC or read group history/view photos on can easily be created and moderated with the ability to make users administrators in addition to kicking, banning or silencing them. The way the persistant group list works like a contact list and shows anyone who has ever joined the group whether they are on or offline (and lets you add them as contacts) lifts Palringo above IRC as an app for meeting people with similar interests and places it firmly at the top of the list of communication apps on both desktops and mobile devices; at least for now.At this stage Palringo is incredibly fast.As far as bandwidth is concerned (if you fear for your data plan) text messages use a negligable amount of bandwidth and voice messages are encoded at around 7kbps. Photos are the biggies; weighing in at about 20kb each. All in all it means you get 40 photos or about 15 minutes (yes, that's 15 minutes!) of voice into a single megabyte. With Palringo being primarily a mobile application you can rest assured it's being developed with your wallet in mind and the experience on GPRS is great.Sending a voice or image message is easy, you simply tap to the relevant tab and either tap the "Push to Talk" or "Capture Photo" button. The latter will switch to your phones camera application and let you take a quick snap to send to your contact list; this sort of integration makes chatting to friends and showing them things extremely easy and an awful lot cheaper and more efficient than video calling. Sent photos will pop up on your friends' screens as photo messages and can be opened on demand or viewed via the Palringo website later. Pushing the push-to-talk button will allow you to record a voice message to your hearts content, with a whole 15 minutes of voice per mb you're going to run out of things to say before it starts costing you a fortune. There's no limit on the length of the voice clips you send, but Palringo touts itself as a sort of walkie-talkie so short sentences are what's expected. As if Palringo's own text, picture and voice functionality wasn't enough it also supports a wide range of third party protocols such as MSN, Yahoo, AIM, GG, ICQ and XMPP. Signing into any one of these is a synch; you simply "Add Service" from the main menu, pick your desired protocol and enter your log-in credentials. This has the benefit of bringing a very unbloated and very free IM client to windows mobile. If "Windows Live Messenger" irks you by adding all your contacts into outlook mobile, then this is the way to go. It's all you're ever going to want on a mobile phone.

Palringo, compatible Devices

Att Cingular 2125, Att Cingular 3125, Att Motorola Global, Att Pantech Duo, Alltel Motorola, Amazing Phone, Audiovox SMT 5600, Dopod 515, Dopod 557w, Dopod 586w, HP iPAQ Voice Messenger, HTC MTeoR, HTC S310, HTC S620/621, HTC S710, HTC S720, Motorola MPx220, Motorola Q 9h, Motorola Global, O2 Xda Cosmo, O2 Xda IQ, O2 Xphone, O2 Xphone II, Orange SPV C500, Orange SPV C550, Orange SPV E200, Pantech Duo, Qtek 8010, Qtek 8020, Qtek 8060, Qtek 8080, Qtek 8100, Qtek 8300, Qtek 8310, Qtek 8500, Sagem myS-7, Samsung BlackJack, Samsung SGH-i300, Samsung i600, Sierra Wireless VOQ, Sprint Motorola, Sprint Motorola I930, T-Mobile Dash, T-Mobile SDA U.S., T-mobile Shadow, Verizon Motorola, Verizon Pn-820, Vodafone 1210, Vodafone V1240, i-mate SP3, i-mate SP3i, i-mate SP5, i-mate SP5m, i-mate SPL, i-mate Smartflip, i-mate Smartphone2

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