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Notification application based upon current appointment calendar and GPS location
Oops I'm Late! Ad Supported
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Oops I'm Late! Ad Supported by: Alex Reich & Associates, last updated: 15/04/2008

Requirements: GPS

About Oops I'm Late! Ad Supported

Oops I'm Late!calendar integrated late notification based upon your current GPS locationFeatures & Benefits
  • No more awkward I'm running late calls
  • Revolutionary, disruptive technology that is designed to keep your common courtesy quota up
  • Major use case is for notification in familiar locations (i.e. regular client appointments, grocery store run, lengthy drive, etc)
  • No longer need to make pointless 'checking-in' calls such as "Call me when you pass the Gas Station on Route 4." and other 'Let me know when you get to x' conversations
  • Allows others to regain time and warm the oven, attend to other business, etc.
  • Send notifications via sms/text messaging automatically
  • Standard and Professional Only: Microsoft Live Search integration - now a user can send a map (or categories, map, directions, traffic, movies or gas prices) from their appointment (i.e. Microsoft Outlook) to a map, or they can re-use previous destinations as a geocoding source which saves time
  • Professional Only: Send notifications via email or phone a default contact
  • Professional Only: Default Contact - Set single contact to assistant, receptionist or other resource to easily call on any business phone number or mobile assigned to contact. No more looking up contact information associated with a client, event or location
  • Weekly meeting at distant location with variable start time
  • On way to location during traffic on freeway (tested in Southern California, notorious for Sig Alerts, large entertainment venues and general traffic)
  • Long trips with an unknown amount of starts & stops (trip to the country/city)
  • Dates, business meetings, special occasions
  • Any travel that requires occasional contact as to Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA/ETE)
  • System-wide contact filtering to prevent unwanted attendees from being notified.
  • No notification if the GPS is lost, no false positive "lates"
  • 30 second delay on final warning before notifications sent
  • Once notifications sent or time has passed event, no further notifications are sent

Oops I'm Late! Ad Supported, compatible Devices

Att Cingular 2125, Att Cingular 3125, Att Motorola Global, Att Pantech Duo, Att Samsung Blackjack Ii, Alltel Motorola, Asus M530w, Dopod 557w, Dopod 586w, HP iPAQ Voice Messenger, HTC MTeoR, HTC S310, HTC S620/621, HTC S710, HTC S720, HTC S730, Motorola Moto 9c, Motorola Q, Motorola Q 9h, Motorola Global, O2 Xda Cosmo, O2 Xda Graphite, O2 Xda IQ, Palm Treo 500, Pantech Duo, Qtek 8300, Qtek 8310, Qtek 8500, Samsung Ace, Samsung BlackJack, Samsung Blackjack II, Samsung SGH-i300, Samsung Sgh-i600, Samsung SGH-I620, Samsung SGH-I640, Sprint Moto 9c, Sprint Motorola, Sprint Samsung Ace, T-Mobile Dash, T-Mobile SDA U.S., T-mobile Shadow, Verizon Motorola, Verizon Pn-820, Vodafone 1210, Vodafone Palm Treo 500v, Vodafone Samsung Sgh-i620, Vodafone Samsung Sgh-i640, Vodafone V1240, i-mate SP5, i-mate SP5m, i-mate SPL, i-mate Smartflip

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