Blackwell's Medicine (BWMed)

Designed for students learning medicine & contains all the medicine you need to know to qualify as doctor & shows how to develop skills & attitudes essential for clinical practice.
Blackwell's Medicine (BWMed)
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Blackwell's Medicine (BWMed) by: Skyscape, last updated: 12/05/2008

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About Blackwell's Medicine (BWMed)

Blackwell''s Medicine
powered by Skyscape Publisher: Blackwell Publishing LtdBlackwell This resource is designed for students who are learning medicine and uniquely tailored for their needs. Contains all the medicine that you need to know to qualify as a doctor and shows you how to develop the skills and attitudes that are essential for clinical practice.

The consistent, easy-to-navigate structure makes locating information simple. All sections have been updated and revised to follow the core curriculum and medical practice. Each system is presented in an integrated style, with sections on the basic structure, function and biology of the system, on the clinical presentations and approach to the patient and on the diseases affecting the function of that system. Throughout the resource, there is a clear focus on evidence-based medicine.

Key Features
  • New section on the Human Aspects of Medicine covers the principles of medicine, ethics, law, and evidence-based medicine guidelines.
  • Clinically-orientated and focussed squarely on the core curriculum.
  • Evolved out of close collaboration and planning with students, junior doctors, and teachers.
  • Significant attention given to discussion of the social, caring and communicative aspects of medicine and the impact of medicine and disease on the lives of patients.
  • ''Must Know'' checklists highlights the key learning objectives in each topic whereas ''Key Points'' alerts you to essential information.
  • Successfully integrates basic science and clinical practice.
Additionally, you''ll get valuable added features, available only from Skyscape:
  • New interactive flowcharts: Complex algorithms and protocols are transformed from static images into dynamic step-by-step decision support tools. This innovative feature can quickly and easily walk you through even the most intricate decision models. View flowchart demo>
  • Built-in Medical Calculators: Provide instant access from within clinical topics to the Anion Gap, Friedewald Equation and The Glasgow Coma Scale!
  • Full Images: Vivid images that aid in diagnostic workup.
  • Table Viewer: All the richness of extensive tables, easily viewable on the compact screen of your mobile device.View Table Viewer demo >

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