Daily presentation of carefully crafted recipes on your Smartphone including shopping list, side dishes and instructions. Join our mobile foodie community: shop, cook and eat well!
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FoodieMotion by: Terratial Technologies, last updated: 13/05/2008

Requirements: Smartphone 2003 or newer

About FoodieMotion

What is a foodie? It is someone who has a refined interest in food and acts on it by preparing enchanting and gratifying meals for people whom they appreciate. Whether this describes you as you are now, or what you would like to become, FoodieMotion will take you to the next level!FoodieMotion puts foodies on to the culinary super-highway. It greatly reduces the search for the ultimate daily recipe in line with the needs of the mobile professional, all in the name of culinary efficiency. FoodieMotion takes the guesswork out of what to cook and how to cook it.FoodieMotion, the lifestyle improvement tool for the mobile food enthusiast, is available as an annual service for $19.95. Once you join, FoodieMotion will provide one featured recipe each day from culinary professionals and ardent food aficionados, including a shopping list, preparation details, and a description of the necessary techniques to make even Julia proud. Seeing is believing!Serious meals with refined, step-by-step descriptions of how to indulge your appetite. Become a foodie with FoodieMotion!Pay only $19.95 for an entire year and take advantage of this special, introductory offer while it lasts!FoodieMotion has been designed to take advantage of the data plan on your device.FoodieMotion is a trademark of Terratial Technologies. 

FoodieMotion, compatible Devices

Att Cingular 2125, Att Cingular 3125, Att Motorola Global, Att Pantech Duo, Att Samsung Blackjack Ii, Alltel Motorola, Asus M530w, Asus M930, Audiovox SMT 5600, Dopod 557w, Dopod 586w, HP iPAQ Voice Messenger, HTC MTeoR, HTC S310, HTC S620/621, HTC S710, HTC S720, HTC S730, Motorola MPx220, Motorola Moto 9c, Motorola Q, Motorola Q 9h, Motorola Global, O2 Xda Cosmo, O2 Xda Graphite, O2 Xda IQ, O2 Xphone II, Orange SPV C500, Orange SPV C550, Palm Treo 500, Pantech Duo, Qtek 8010, Qtek 8020, Qtek 8100, Qtek 8300, Qtek 8310, Qtek 8500, Samsung Ace, Samsung BlackJack, Samsung Blackjack II, Samsung SGH-i300, Samsung Sgh-i600, Samsung SGH-I620, Samsung SGH-I640, Sprint Moto 9c, Sprint Motorola, Sprint Motorola I920, Sprint Motorola I930, Sprint Samsung Ace, T-Mobile Dash, T-Mobile SDA U.S., T-mobile Shadow, Verizon Motorola, Verizon Pn-820, Vodafone 1210, Vodafone Palm Treo 500v, Vodafone Samsung Sgh-i620, Vodafone Samsung Sgh-i640, Vodafone V1240, i-mate SP3, i-mate SP3i, i-mate SP5, i-mate SP5m, i-mate SPL, i-mate Smartflip

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