Rays of Light - Selected Sayings of The Mother

Rays of Light by The Mother consists of short sayings on spiritual enlightenment. Find peace of mind through this collection of philosophical insights.
Rays of Light - Selected Sayings of The Mother
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About Rays of Light - Selected Sayings of The Mother

How can I find a purpose in my life?
Does God Exist?Trying to explore the spiritual side of life? Rays of Light can help you. Composed out of short meditations, it can help you to think about life and its purpose.
The content of the book includes information on the following important spiritual topics:
  • Introduction
  • Man's Relationship With the Divine
  • The Path of Yoga
  • Bases of Yoga
  • Circumstances, Difficulties, Mistakes
  • Weaknesses of human nature
  • Human relationships
  • Work
  • Illness and health
  • Parts of the being
  • Time, progress, transformation
  • Religion, government, human unity
  • Including sub topics such as fear, depression, marriage, aim of life, meditation, faith, Devotion, worry, difficulties in work , illness, The Heart and The Mind.Few lines from the text are as follows:
  • To keep constantly a concentrated and ingathered attitude is more important than having fixed hours of meditation.
  • Leave all care to the Divine's Grace, including your progress, and you will be in peace.
  • Cheer up, all will be all right, if we know how to last and endure.
  • There is no greater courage than to be always truthful.
  • Always circumstances come to reveal the hidden weaknesses that have to be overcome.
  • The body should reject illness as energetically as we reject falsehood in the mind.
  • Do not think of what you have been, think only of what you want to be and you are sure to progress.
  • Life has a purpose. This purpose is to find and to serve the Divine. The Divine is not far, He is in ourselves, deep inside and above the feelings and the thoughts. With the Divine is peace and certitude and even the solution of all difficulties. Hand over your problems to the Divine and He will pull you out of all difficulties.The deeply philosophical meditations will help readers find enlightenment and peace of mind. Composed out of short meditations, Rays of Light can help you discover the true meaning of life and its purpose.

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